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What We Treat

Speech & Language Evaluation

An evaluation is a review of previous records, patient history, formalized testing, administration of informal measures (including language sample as necessary), and a written report with scoring, interpretation, additional analyses, and recommendations. 

Speech Sound Disorder

Producing speech sounds correctly requires both the knowledge of a desired speech sound, as well as the ability to coordinate the jaw, tongue, and lips with breathing and vocalizing.

Children who are not able to pronounce certain sounds or words by an expected age may have a speech sound disorder. It is often difficult to understand someone with a speech sound disorder and, in many cases, it can affect a person’s social, academic, and professional development.


Stuttering, sometimes called stammering or disfluency, is a communication disorder that disrupts that natural flow of speech. Stuttering can begin gradually and develop over time, or it can appear suddenly. People who stutter often repeat certain syllables, words, or phrases (li-li-like this), prolong them (lllllike this), or experience abnormal stoppages of certain sounds and syllables.

Speech and Language Delay

A speech delay is when a toddler doesn’t meet typical speech milestones. Because all children progress on their own timeline, it can be difficult for parents to tell whether their child is just a late talker or whether there’s a serious problem that needs professional treatment. 

A toddler with a language delay may make the correct sounds and pronounce some words, but they can’t form phrases or sentences that make sense.

Some children have either a speech delay or language delay, and some have both. Distinguishing between the two is important as it will inform treatment decisions.

Language Disorders

A language disorder is a type of communication disorder that makes it difficult to use, process, and comprehend language. Children with language disorders might have trouble understanding what other people are saying and expressing their own needs or feelings.

While many people associate language with verbal communication, language can actually take a variety of forms. It can affect our vocabulary, reading abilities, sentence structure, gestures, discourse, and written language.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a complex, lifelong disability that commonly appears during the early years of childhood. autism refers to a broad range of developmental conditions and behaviors characterized by challenges in speech and nonverbal communication, interpersonal relationships, and social interactions.

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